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Evenja doc, is the online documentation of

Evenja® - Complexity solved.

Licenced by AGPL3 the Evenja 3 library is entirely free. This website provides online documentation and open discussion for developers, also written by themselves ;) which therefore offers a better understanding of this new software paradigm. Evenja is Phenomenological Programming and about reasoning like Causal Inference or Qbism Bayesian Network, Evenja is an interpretation of quantum mechanics.

But unlike Turing machine software, where complexity remains complexity, with Evenja complexity becomes Qbism simplicity.

More information about Evenja's paradigm Introduction to the Evenja's basics or directly read the source code Download source code

Software powered by Evenja

The Quantum InternetUUnivers - Exchange network from human to human. With UUnivers, you will be able to use all the power of Evenja.

The technical project Savanz, complexity solved.

Your release of the Evenja developer's guide or start open discussion

Participating to a real new software paradigm will introduce a new future to the computer industry.

Use this website to write your own release of Evenja's guide. Our team will assist you.

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