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Evenja is the name of a Library and its own work Methodology.

Evenja gives simple solutions to current complex problems, because Internet, non-centralized databases, mobile devices. Adding features becomes as easy as building the first release of a software. A small team is able to build a big software. Evenja has a lot of advantages.

With Causal Inference,

Evenja responds to this question : In a software, how to process only what is really needed ?

In an Evenja’s software, depending on location, time and its label, the data will change according to its own content.

Location Moment Label
Cause + Cause + Cause = Effect

Depending on the location, its existence or not, data will change the behavior of other data, depending on what each one contains !

It isn't a specific organised software which grabs the data at some point in the process.

With Evenja, it is a “Labelled” data waiting for another data with a similar label. To continue what they want in this place at this time with this label.

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